what we do



We provide consultations on site for the clients interested in landscape projects. We find out your needs, discuss all landscape design issues and valuate the current situation of the site or landscape (existing plants, soil, slopes, amount of light, etc.). We provide suggestions on where and what functional areas to choose on the site, how to solve the existing functional issues, that garden style and plant combinations to choose. During the consultation we draw the initial idea of ​​the site landscaping and help the client to take decision on landscape design.

Duration of consultation: 1,5 hour.

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We provide visualization of landscaping project in two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) spaces. These plans include the functional areas of the site, layout of the plants (groups, size, height, colour) and small architecture. In this plan client sees a visually clear view of the site.

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We are implementing or coordinating implementation process of landscape projects. After the implementation of the project, we provide plant care instructions to the client.

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Plant care

After the implementation of the garden project, we carry out its maintenance service throughout the season. We provide consultation services for plant maintenance and instructions how to care for planted plants.

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